Plastic cutting sticks are produced from several plastic materials like HDPE, PVC, PP, PA-nylon etc. and in various colours (black, red, grey, white, blanco-white, blue, green etc.) depending mainly on material of knives.

  Sort of material of cutting stocks of PREMON Ltd.    
Material Standard colour (most often) Hardness - SHORE ,,D,, Knife material
HDPE white 67-68 standard, HSS
PP grey 74-76 standard, HSS, hard-metal
PVC red 80-82 standard, HSS, hard- metal
PA-nylon white/yellow 82-85 HSS, hard-metal


In column Standard colour: it is written most often used color of sticks for relative material. Another colours can be aslo applied as per client´s request or technology needs.

Other materials like LDPE, CPE etc can be used depending on customer´s requirements.

Knife material:

standard - tool steel

HSS- high speed steel

hard-metal - special, very hard micro-carbon steel