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These web pages are owned and administrated by PREMON Ltd., company seated in Jedovnice, Czech Republic, in central part of Europe.

We are one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of cutting sticks in the world, with the best combination price and quality.

The largest world knives manufacturers buy from us the cutting sticks to complement their business.


Our Cutting Sticks are manufactured for use in all types and marks of paper cutters and three knife trimmers.

In your enquiry/Order please mention type of machine and especially exact dimensions of cutting sticks used in your machine (width, height and length of stick). We provide you offer, in which we will let you know minimum packing order, price per meter, total price, payment terms and time availibility. We supply our cutting sticks all over the world.


We can supply you plastic cutting sticks in several plastic materials like HDPE, PVC, PP, PA-nylon etc. and in various colours (black, red, grey, white, blanco-white, blue, green etc.) depending on material of knives.  We deliver plastic cutting sticks in   wavy shape or straight shape   with all possible sizes.


We belive this website www.cutting-sticks.com help you in finding good product in excellent guality and reasonable price.

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